About Us


We are a language school with 20 years of tradition.

As a small language school, we opened our doors in 2003 in the centre of Mari­bor, the second largest city in the country, and within a few years it became one of the leading language schools in the Country.


A professional, creative, and dynamic team. Language professionals: The courses are led by experienced trainers with vast cross-sector know-how.

Personal approach

Quality and relaxed learning in small groups. Student-Cantered Approach: Small class size to give special attention to each student.


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Affordable program fee. All learning materials are included in price.

Focused and Effective Lessons

An integrated approach to language learning. Lessons combine all aspects of English language skills, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Short facts About Slovenia

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Slovenia is a very safe country. It is a country with a remarkably high quality of life (healthy environment and lifestyle, quality food and reliable and efficient social and welfare services).

The Slovenians are very fluent in foreign languages, at least in English and in another foreign language (Italian/German/French etc.). Even if they might not be fluent in other Slavic languages, they most likely have at least a passive understanding of them.

The Slovenians are very hospitable and friendly, and this will undoubtedly make the beginning of your study period in Slovenia much more comfortable.

Slovenia is a small country in the heart of Europe, which makes it easy to travel – within Slovenia, as well as abroad, like Austria, Italy, Germany, England, France, Hungary, Czech Republic etc.

Slovenia is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly nations, ranked 5th in the world. More than half the country is protected land.

Last, but not least: we are all amazed by Slovenia’s natural beauties: who has not heard about the world-famous Postojna Cave? Or about our region’s emerald Soča River and the beautiful Alps in the background?

Slovenia in the World map of: Education, Peace, Prosperity

Slovenia’s higher education system is characterised by the high-quality of educational services, fully accredited study programmes, interdisciplinarity of studies, excellent transfer of knowledge into practice, and student-centred and modern teaching approaches.

  • 16 Slovenia
  • 01 UnitedKingdom
  • 02 United States
  • 09 Germany
  • 10 Switzerland
  • 40 Austria
  • 33 India
  • 93 Botswana

Slovenia from 1990 to 2019 shows that the HDI score of Slovenia has risen drastically, indicating that the country is a country with very high levels of human development.

  • 22 Slovenia
  • 01 Norway
  • 02 Switzerland
  • 06 Germany
  • 13 United Kingdom
  • 17 United States
  • 18 Austria
  • 131 India
  • 189 Niger

According to the Global Peace Index, Slovenia is recognized as one of the most peaceful and secure countries in the World.

  • 05 Slovenia
  • 01 Iceland
  • 06 Austria
  • 07 Switzerland
  • 17 Germany 
  • 33 United Kingdom
  • 122 United States
  • 135 India
  • 163 Afganistan